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All Stars of Close Up Magic

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

One Show. Three Amazing Magicians.

This is an intimate show like you've seen before. Seating strictly limited so you have a great seat to enjoy world class close up magic. These three performers will leave you gasping in amazement.

Chris Fox

Christophe Fox is an award-winning performer, speaker, and influencer. His magic and mentalism is laser focused with one purpose--to blow your mind. Find out why Chris has been three times named DC's Magician of the Year.

Eric Redman

With over 20 years in the magic community Eric has amazed audiences all over the world. From London to Africa; Australia to Hawaii, and of course cities all across America from Las Vegas, to Washington D.C. Eric has generated a reputation of creating magical moments with every day objects. Come experience mind bending visual magic that happens in front of your eyes and in your hands.

Charlie Ross

Charlie Ross is a magician and stand-up comedian. He is a master of card magic and dirty jokes. You can see his monthly comedy show, Classified Comedy at the Caos on F theatre in downtown Washington, DC.

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