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Couple of Magicians

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

He's a lifelong creator, performer and leading mind in magic and she brings style, excitement, and mind reading with moxie. Smash it all together with a dollop of charm and BAM! you get Couple of Magicians! Francis Menotti and Lindsey Noel combine their 30 years experience in film, stage, and magical production to bend your brains, challenge your reality, and throw you into a wild whirlwind of love and marriage with an impossible twist. Both magicians have showcased their stuff on Penn & Teller: Fool Us - Francis even managed to fool them!

Together they worked behind the scenes making the magic for ABC’s Deception. Astounding audiences from NYC's longest running off broadway magic show Monday Night Magic to the Hollywood Magic Castle and everywhere in between, Couple of Magicians invite you along for an audacious adventure every time they take the stage.

Photos Credit: ChrisK Photography

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